NSW Koala Strategy boosts Port Stephens road safety

Koalas in the Port Stephens area will be better protected from vehicle strike, with more than $457,000 provided to Port Stephens Council to complete the second stage of works on Port Stephens Drive at Taylors Beach.

Koala Road sign

This follows an earlier NSW Koala Strategy investment of $845,000 to deliver the first stage of works with council.

Alison Schumacher, Director of Conservation Policy and Strategy said that more than $10 million has been committed under the NSW Koala Strategy to address vehicle strike hotspots across the state.

"This is one of the largest investments to mitigate koala vehicle strike hotspots by the NSW Koala Strategy and the funding means koalas will be better protected from vehicle strike, which is a known threatening process in the Port Stephens area," said Ms Schumacher.

"More than 4 kilometres of newly-installed fencing will prevent koalas from crossing the road, directing them and other wildlife to use the nearby culvert funded by the NSW Government," she said.

"While these 2 measures will enable koalas to safely access habitat in the area without the threat of being struck on the road, it's important to remember that we all have a part to play in keeping koalas safe from harm on our roads."

Koalas and other wildlife often move through habitat, looking for food or searching for a mate. Motorists can do their bit by slowing down and taking care while driving within known koala hotspots, particularly at dusk, dawn and during the breeding season when they are often on the move.

"Signage will be installed along Port Stephens Drive advising drivers that they are approaching an important koala area and to be on the look-out."

Port Stephens Mayor Ryan Palmer welcomed news of the funding.

"Koalas are a beloved part of the Port Stephens community, and we are proud to partner with the NSW Government to help protect our population of koalas, which have been identified as a priority in the NSW Koala Strategy," said Mr Palmer.

The NSW Koala Strategy is backed by more than $190 million, which is the biggest commitment by any government to a single species in Australia.

The strategy delivers a range of targeted conservation actions to secure more habitat, support community conservation, address key threats to koala safety and health, and utilise science and research to build knowledge.

Further information about community koala conservation is available at Koala Country.