Love Food Hate Waste

The Trust’s Love Food Hate Waste grants program was aimed at making people more aware of food waste and giving them steps to avoid it.

This program is closed. Grants are now managed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority.


The Environmental Trust grants complemented the Love Food Hate Waste program run by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA). The EPA will manage future rounds of the program.


Grants of $5,000 to $70,000 were available for new projects or for adding activities to existing Love Food Hate Waste projects.

The Trust grants covered no more than half the costs of each project. Applicants had to show they could match the grant funding with a cash or in-kind contribution at least as great as the amount they were asking the Trust for.

Who could apply?

Grants were open to Love Food Hate Waste partners such as councils, council groups, non-government organisations and community groups.

Apply to become a Love Food Hate Waste partner.


If you’ve received a grant, use the templates below to report on your project. You must submit a report each time your project reaches one of its milestones.

You’ll also need to submit other documents and evidence. See your grant’s Letter of Agreement for details.

Project measures (XLSX 61KB) – captures quantitative data. Build on and submit the same report for each project milestone.

Milestone report (DOCX 75KB) – communicates your project’s progress. 

Final report (DOCX 75KB) – communicates your project’s final achievements.

Statement of expenditure (financial report) (XLSX 16KB) – include with each milestone report and your final report.

Grants awarded

  • 2016 (round 4) – 7 grants totalling $214,125
  • 2015 (round 3) – 10 grants totalling $324,310
  • 2014 (round 2) – 8 grants totalling $237,684
  • 2013 (round 1) – 10 grants totalling $356,797
Project summaries