Update on Royal Coast Track

October 2022


The final 140-metre section of elevated boardwalk on the Burgh Ridge track has been completed. This upgraded track provides a much-improved link from Garawarra Farm to the Royal Coast Track and the popular Figure 8 Pools.

Work on the southern entrance to the Royal Coast Track between Otford to Werrong Lookout is also completed. While the work is done, the southern entrance to the track remains closed due to a landslip near Otford Lookout. Pending specialist geotechnical advice, we hope to have the southern entrance to the track open again before the summer holiday period.

Where next?

The work crew has now commenced on the steep and highly eroded sections of the track between Palm Jungle and Werrong Lookout. With 800 stone steps to be installed, this is a particularly challenging section of the track and is expected to take up to 12 months to complete. So far, more than 400 sandstone steps and other track materials have already been flown to the site ready for installation.

Rain, rain, go away

The ongoing wet weather has caused landslips and rock falls across the landscape, and there are several site closures in place:

  • The Otford end of the Royal Coast Track is closed until further notice due to a significant landslip downslope of the track. We are currently investigating a safe alternative route to avoid the cliff edge area.
  • Garie Road is closed due to a major landslip that severely damaged the roadway, so there is no vehicle access to Garie Beach. Garie Road will remain closed until the issue is resolved by Transport for NSW. Garie Beach can be reached on foot via the Royal Coast Track from Wattamolla.
  • The Royal Coast Track is closed between Garie and Little Garie until further notice due to rock falls and erosion.
  • North Era campground is closed due to flooding and closures along the Royal Coast Track.

For now, visitors are unable to complete the entire track. Please always check the current alerts when planning your visit.