What is citizen science?

Find out more about citizen science and how contributing to it can make a real impact to scientific research and environmental decision making.

Citizen science is scientific work undertaken by members of the general public, often in collaboration with or under the direction of professional scientists and scientific institutions.

Citizen science is an important tool helping to fill knowledge gaps and improve OEH monitoring, evaluation and reporting activitiesCitizen science differs from other forms of volunteering; a citizen scientist assists with the collection and/or analysis of data. For example, recording observations of animals or plants, identifying animals or plants in photographs, sampling water quality and assessing air quality.  As a citizen scientist, you collect valuable scientific data that can make a meaningful impact to scientific research and environmental decision making.

Citizen science involves getting together with like-minded people, and having fun picking up and sharing new skills.

Families, individuals, students, businesses and community groups are all welcome.

You don’t need a science background or technical know-how to take part. All you need is an enquiring mind.

Our vision

Our citizen science projects are part of a growing global movement to meaningfully engage the community in scientific research.

Our vision is to drive this new era of public participation in science by developing collaborative, engaging projects that support scientific research and decision-making.

By working together with the wider community, we can gather robust data to make more informed decisions about how we manage our environment.

How do I get involved?

The SEED Citizen Science Hub has been built for you to:

  • explore projects, events and opportunities across NSW
  • connect with people
  • link your project(s) or create a new project using expert step by step guidance to contribute, share and access environmental data through the SEED platform
  • discover the impact your contributions can have by being openly available to communities, scientists and decision makers
  • be able to find opportunities to contribute to citizen science across NSW.

More information

We are also interested in working with partners to deliver new and innovative citizen science projects. If you’d like to partner with us, please get in touch on citizen.science@environment.nsw.gov.au