Regional pest management strategies

We prepare pest management strategies for each region in NSW.

Orange hawkweed (Hieracium aurantiacum) noxious weedRegional pest management strategies aim to minimise the adverse impacts of pests on biodiversity, protected areas and the community. 

We work to identify the highest priority programs and focus on these. This ensures that we plan for actions that are achievable and can deliver measurable outcomes.

Our regional pest management strategies recognise that pest species are a problem across the landscape. Programs are developed and often carried out in collaboration with

  • neighbours
  • other government agencies
  • livestock health and pest authorities
  • local councils
  • regional pest committees
  • universities
  • and community groups.

NPWS has prepared pest management strategies for 14 different regions. As part of the process of developing these strategies, a comprehensive stakeholder and community consultation process was undertaken from August to November 2011, to identify areas of interest and issues which needed to be addressed. These issues and strategies remain current.

Current regional pest management strategies