Shredder Floc Management

This program supported new approaches to managing metal waste (shredder floc) produced during recycling.

This program is now closed to applications.

Please visit the ongoing grants program page for the current list of NSW Environmental Trust contestable grants, amounts being offered and opening and closing dates.

Project summaries

Two grants were approved in the 2014 round, totalling $3,198,589.

Sell & Parker Pty Ltd

Light shredder residue processing plant – $1,598,589

The project will recover metals from light fraction shredder residue through the use of screens and sorters with potential to utilise the remaining waste as fuel for an energy from waste plant in the future.

Sims Metal Management

Sims floc diversion project – $1,600,000

This proposal will introduce a sizing, metal-recovery process and baling system resulting in a by-product having a high calorific value suitable for use as a processed engineered fuel in a transportable and saleable form resulting in a 20% diversion from landfill of the generated floc.