Protected animal specimens annual transaction limit

There is an enforceable limit of 5 transactions that you can perform in a 12-month period.

A transaction means buying or selling one individual specimen between one person and another person on a single date or buying or selling multiple specimens derived from the same individual animal between one person and another person on a single date.

  • People registered under the Protected Animal Specimens Code of Practice are authorised to make a maximum of 5 transactions in a 12-month period. If you buy and sell specimens, you must update the specimen information for those specimens by your reporting date (12-month anniversary of your registration to the code).
  • There is no limit on the number of protected animal specimens a person can exchange or gift, but if the specimens in your possession have changed, you must update those changes by your reporting date (12-month anniversary of your registration to the code)The deadline to update specimen information is the anniversary of the date you first registered your details under this code. For example, if you register your details on 25 June 2023, you must update the species information for the specimens you buy and sell by 25 June every year.

Declare your transactions

  • Under your biodiversity conservation licence, you are now authorised to sell protected animal specimens that you have taxidermied or possess to someone with the appropriate authority to hold preserved protected animal specimens, for example, those registered under the code or an appropriate licence holder.
  • Your biodiversity conservation licence authorises you to make a maximum of 5 transactions per 12-month period.
  • Taxidermists may continue to advertise and charge for their taxidermy services.
  • Should you participate in the buying or selling of protected specimens, you will need to report some information as a part of your licence conditions.
  • Refer to the conditions of your biodiversity conservation licence for further information about your reporting requirements. Licence fees apply.

Taxidermy licence

Why is there a limit on buying and selling specimens?

The opportunity to buy and sell protected animal specimens was previously not permitted under a biodiversity conservation licence. Placing a limit on transactions will ensure the department monitors this newly permitted activity in consideration of potential commercial and conservation risks.

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