Wildlife Management System – support and resources

Find information and links to user guides to help you use the Wildlife Management System for different types of wildlife licences and transactions.

Renew professional kangaroo harvester licence

To make it easier to renew your 2021 Kangaroo Harvester Licence, watch the following video to guide you through each step of renewal process.

The 3 step process to renew your licence:

Step 1 – Login into the Wildlife Management System

Step 2 – In My Account, check your personal contact information and your licences and accreditations are current.

Step 3 – Start the renewal process.

Contact the Kangaroo Management team on 1300 173 376 if you have any problems.

New applicants for kangaroo management licences

Before applying for a commercial kangaroo management licence, be sure to read the relevant information and licence requirements provided on the Kangaroo Management pages.

You can use the Wildlife Management System to apply for any type of commercial kangaroo management licence. Visit the Wildlife Management System login page to register for a WMS customer account and begin using the system.

User guides are provided to help you navigate the system to apply for licences, make a return or undertake other transactions.

User guides

Once you have registered for or updated your WMS customer account, user guides are available to help you apply for a licence, make a return or undertake other types of transactions related to the commercial kangaroo management program.

Minimum system requirements

Users may have trouble accessing or operating WMS on desktop or mobile devices due to incompatible software capabilities or versions.

For best results, the Department recommends that you have access to the following minimum system requirements for web browsers and mobile devices.

Browser Comments
Google Chrome Google Chrome updates automatically. WMS supports the most recent stable version of Google Chrome


Mobile platform Mobile operating system version Supported mobile browser
iOS iOS 10.3 or later Google Chrome
Android Android 5.0 or later Google Chrome

Other questions

If you have any questions about accessing or using the WMS system for applications and transactions related to the kangaroo commercial management program, please contact: