Bellingen Riverwatch: Our Rivers, Our Future

Help us promote healthy rivers and protect their threatened species in northern NSW.

Bellinger River Turtle hatchlingsWe are looking for citizen scientists to help us monitor the health of the river systems in Bellingen NSW.

The project will gather monthly data on river health that will be used to support recovery actions of endangered species such as the critically endangered Bellinger River Turtle (Myuchelys georgesi). Volunteers will be trained to help with this project.

The project is being delivered by OzGreen, Saving our Species, Department of Planning and Environment (former Office of Environment and Heritage), NSW Waterwatch, Bellingen Shire Council, Bellinger Landcare, Eco Logical Australia, North Coast Local Land Services, Western Sydney University, and Taronga Zoo Sydney.

What will volunteers do?

Citizen scientists will be trained by OzGreen and NSW Waterwatch. Using water quality testing equipment, they will collect data once a month at specially selected sites along the rivers.

How do I sign up?

For more information and to sign up, email Citizen Science.