Urban ecology renewal investigation project

The urban ecology renewal investigation project provided in-depth research into ways to improve biodiversity outcomes for major cities in NSW including Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle.

The project produced 4 reports:

  1. What we heard: documenting the stakeholder workshops (PDF 15.3MB)
    The stakeholder study identified the issues faced, and priorities for change, as identified by industry, government and practitioners.
  2. Urban ecology: theory, policy and practice in New South Wales, Australia (PDF 15.8MB)
    The desktop study established the evidence base with a specific focus on ecology, planning and the built environment.
  3. Blueprint for living cities: policy to practice (PDF 55.5MB)
    The Blueprint examined the evidence base and practice perspectives identified in the other reports, and established a list of strategies, actions, and potential projects that could advance urban ecology outcomes through urban renewal.
  4. Urban ecology renewal investigation project: summary report (PDF 3.3MB)
    The summary report includes a brief description of the project methodology, deliverables, key findings, strategies and priority actions.

A recorded presentation that outlines the key aspects of the project has also been produced.