The Wildlife Management System (WMS)

Some customers can now apply for, renew and manage wildlife licences online.

The Wildlife Management System (WMS) is the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment's new online platform for services and transactions related to wildlife licensing. The WMS will be implemented in stages. The first phase of this system is now available for some licence types. The WMS provides access on digital devices to undertake online transactions to:

  • apply for a new licence
  • apply to renew, vary or extend an existing licence
  • apply for tags, registration of premises registrations or other types of approvals where required
  • pay instantly if a fee is required
  • keep and lodge records
  • keep your contact details and business/personal information up to date.

Who can use the Wildlife Management System

Eventually, all wildlife licences and transactions will be available through the Wildlife Management System.

Currently, however, the WMS is only available for licence applications and transactions related to the commercial kangaroo management program.

Commercial kangaroo management program licences

Commercial kangaroo management licences are granted on a calendar year basis. New customers and existing licence holders can use the new WMS to apply online for 2019 licences, premises registrations and commercial tags. During the 2019 harvest year, customers can also use WMS to lodge returns.

Information to help you use the WMS is provided on the Support and resources page.

Apply online

If you are unable to use the online system, you may also apply by downloading, completing and submitting the relevant harvester or dealer application forms by email or post.

Other licence types

WMS is not yet available for other types of wildlife licences and transactions, however, it is expected WMS will be available for all licence types in mid-2019.

Until then, if you want to apply for a new wildlife licence or renew an existing licence other than a kangaroo management program licence, you should use the current systems and forms available for that licence type.

Please keep your contact details up to date so we can contact you when WMS is available for the type of wildlife licence you have.

System information