Soil secrets revealed by new app

Dig a little deeper into what lies beneath with an innovative new app that provides soil information for any location in New South Wales.

Hand holding soil

Using expert data from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment's Soil and Land Information System, the free Soils Near Me NSW app contains important information on soils statewide.

Dr Georgina Kelly, Executive Director of department's Science, Economics and Insights division, said anyone could use the app to discover valuable data on soil and land capability.

"Soil is the foundation for plant and animal life yet its importance and complexity is often not fully understood," Dr Kelly said.

"Soil is so important as it stores and cycles carbon, filters water and provides the food we rely on. Soil is an important natural capital asset.

"Our new app makes interpreting soil data very simple and accessible for anyone.

"The app covers the 3 most commonly researched soil layers which provide valuable information for anyone interested in land use, the environment and planning."

Information on soil type, land and soil capability and acid sulfate risk are available in the app.

Land managers, educators, students, citizen scientists as well as development and environmental professionals can use the app's zoomable maps to explore the soils at any location in New South Wales.

"Soils Near Me NSW follows the new Trees Near Me NSW app in making complex data available to everyone, wherever they are in New South Wales," said Dr Kelly.

"If you are interested in bush regeneration or restoring native landscapes, then knowing about local soil types can help you select plant species more likely to be suited to the area."

Soils Near Me NSW is free to download from the Google Play and Apple app stores. More information on soil can be found on the department's website.

Using the Soils Near Me app