Eastern Suburbs banksia scrub locations

Remnant Eastern Suburbs banksia scrub vegetation maps show that only around 130 hectares remain of an estimated 5,600 hectares that existed in 1788.

Map showing Eastern Suburbs banksia scrub remnants indicated in red in 2021, from Royal National Park to Manly, NSW.

From Manly to Royal National Park, there are accessible areas to see Eastern Suburbs banksia scrub (ESBS):

Eastern Suburbs banksia scrub lining a walkway in Kamay-Botany National Park

ESBS in Centennial Parklands

Eastern Suburbs banksia scrub in Centennial Park showing an that contains ESBS which is fenced off for protection as it is a bird sanctuary.

Centennial Parklands and Queens Park in Sydney have 3 remnants areas of ESBS.

Two of the sites are fenced and are not open to the public to help protect ESBS from disease and weeds that may be inadvertently brought in by visitors. These sites have been actively managed by volunteers and Centennial Parklands staff for many years with good success. They’re now important sites for ESBS practitioners to learn about best-practice regeneration techniques.

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