Remembering Country

History and memories of Towarri National Park

This publication documents the history and living memories associated with Towarri National Park.

30 June 2001
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
  • ISBN 0-73136-3663
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  • Pages 60
  • Name remembering-country-history-memories-towarri-national-park-2001.pdf

All landscapes have a human history. Conservation reserves, which are often seen as ‘undisturbed’ or ‘untouched’, are no different.

This book celebrates people’s connections to landscape – in particular, to a small area of land in the Upper Hunter Valley that became part of Towarri National Park in the late 1990s. It details a lively local history and is based on the Towarri Project, which involved research on how former occupants remember the place, how they revisit the land and their lives on the land via their memories.

Through people's lives, their work and their connection to land, we see how the act of remembering country can evoke feelings of pleasure, joy, regret or pain. Bringing the stories of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people together, this is an important work of reconciliation.

This publication has been retained for historical heritage purposes.