Worimi Conservation Lands Aboriginal Ownership and Leaseback Agreement

This Aboriginal ownership and leaseback agreement is between the Worimi people and the Office of Environment and Heritage.

1 February 2007
Office of Environment and Heritage
Aboriginal joint management agreement, Aboriginal ownership and leaseback, Publication
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The Worimi Conservation Lands are leased back to the NSW Government as three conservation areas: Worimi National Park, Worimi State Conservation Area, and Worimi Regional Park.

The three conservation reserves are jointly managed by the Aboriginal owners and the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), part of the Office of Environment and Heritage, through a board of management. The Worimi Conservation Lands Board of Management has a majority of Aboriginal owners along with community and NPWS representation.

The Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council holds the lands on behalf of Aboriginal owners.

The Worimi Conservation Lands are located on the east coast of New South Wales to the north of Newcastle between Fern Bay in the south and Anna Bay to the north. The Lands are protected for their cultural and natural values, including coastal ecosystems and habitats.

Date agreement was signed: 1 February 2007

Worimi Conservation Lands Lease Agreement (PDF 815KB)