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OEH and your privacy

The Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (PPIP Act) regulates how OEH deals with non-health related personal information collected and stored since 1 July 2000. Information collected before this date is not covered by the PPIP Act.

The Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (HRIP Act) protects health-related personal information.

The Privacy Management Plan, (PDF 660KB) defines personal information and provides details about the privacy principles that OEH follows when dealing with personal information.

How to access personal information - Provides information on how you can access personal information about you that is held by OEH.

Responding to OEH decisions - Explains how you can deal with situations where you think OEH has not followed the privacy rules, or how you can apply for a review of a OEH decision about privacy, or how you can change personal information about you that is held by OEH.

Requesting a review or lodging a complaint - Outlines the steps you can follow to request OEH to review personal information that is held about you or to lodge a complaint about how OEH has handled personal information held about you.

Public registers maintained by OEH - These contain personal information that is required by law to be made publicly available or open to public inspection. OEH maintains and operates a number of public registers established under different legislation.

More information - Contact a Senior Governance Officer or the Office of the Privacy Commissioner

The Administrative and Equal Opportunity Division of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal - Reviews the actions of government departments in NSW. You can lodge an appeal with the Tribunal if you are not satisfied with OEH's internal review of your complaint.

Page last updated: 29 June 2017