Review of Australian Air Quality Monitoring Networks

Independent review of National Environment Protection (Ambient Air Quality) Measure air quality monitoring networks

Jurisdictional air quality monitoring plans are examined to assess the implementation of the AAQ NEPM in the current Australian air quality monitoring networks.

9 April 2019
Northstar Air Quality Pty Ltd
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This review of current air quality monitoring plans under the National Environment Protection (Ambient Air Quality) Measure (AAQ NEPM), seeks to answer questions about the AAQ NEPM monitoring networks within each jurisdiction. Specific reference is made to current jurisdictional monitoring networks, latest population statistics, monitoring site selection, and pollutant screening criteria.

In considering the following questions, the review assesses whether current AAQ NEPM monitoring networks are fit-for-purpose, and whether they will remain to be so with the advent of the air pollution exposure assessment framework:

  • What would be the likely changes on air quality monitoring design network resulting from proposed or likely variations to the AAQ NEPM?
  • Are the current AAQ NEPM monitoring networks fit-for-purpose?
  • Are the current AAQ NEPM monitoring networks likely to be fit-for-purpose in the future?

The report flags implications to the design, scope and operation of jurisdictional air quality monitoring networks should the exposure reduction framework be adopted. It may be used by jurisdictions planning to review their air quality monitoring plans and AAQ NEPM monitoring networks.