Culture and heritage

Aboriginal cultural heritage

Nominating Aboriginal items for listing on the State Heritage Register

Nominating an item of Aboriginal heritage to the State Heritage Register is not difficult. A place or item which is special and significant can be nominated, with the support of the community. It should be considered of high significance to the cultural heritage values of the community or to the Aboriginal peoples of NSW.

When considering an item for listing the Heritage Council carefully assesses its heritage significance and consults with owners and the broader community. An item is listed on the register when the Minister agrees to the Heritage Council's recommendation that a place or object is of State heritage significance.

Here's what to do if you are considering nominating a place or item:

  • Email or ring Tanya Koeneman, Senior Aboriginal Heritage Officer, at the Heritage Branch on (02) 9873 8534 about the potential listing. Tanya can even provide support with assessing the item and with the nomination form.
  • Information on how to nominate to the State Heritage Register.

Comment on proposed Aboriginal listings

Everyone has the opportunity to comment on whether a place or object should be listed on the State Heritage Register. When an item is proposed for listing, the Heritage Council publishes notices in local media and invites the owners, occupiers, local council and any interested members of the public to write a submission.

Comment on an item that has been proposed for listing.

Page last updated: 24 July 2017