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In 1999 amendments to the Heritage Act obliged government agencies to do more than simply identify the significant heritage assets in their ownership. Obligations to effectively conserve and manage their heritage were introduced. These management obligations are outlined in Section 170(A) of the Heritage Act.

Once agencies have identified, assessed, recorded and registered heritage assets through the preparation of a Heritage and Conservation Register (S.170 Register), the next step is to undertake strategic planning to manage this valuable resource. The Total Asset Management Manual outlines the recommended heritage asset strategic planning process and recommends the adoption of an agency wide heritage management policy or strategy. The Total Asset Management Manual was developed by the Department of Public Works and Services for the NSW Government. It includes separate guidelines on Heritage Asset Management and on Sustainable Development. You can view the online version of the manual via GAMC' website.

The Heritage Council recommends the preparation of agency policies and guidelines to assist employees and contractors effectively conserve heritage items and manage heritage items.

Tools for managing specific heritage assets of high significance may include the preparation of Conservation Management Plans, which may be endorsed by the Heritage Council. A CMP is a document that explains the significance of the heritage item and contains specific conservation policies to retain that significance, especially where there are proposals for change to the item. The primary guide for preparing a conservation management plan is The Conservation Plan: A Guide to the Preparation of Conservation Plans for Places of European Cultural Significance by James Semple Kerr, fifth edition, published by the National Trust 2000. Copies can be purchased from the NSW National Trust.

Agencies are providing specialised heritage information which is published on their websites:

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