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Government agencies have responsibilities under Section 170 of the Heritage Act 1977 (NSW). Section 170 requires agencies to identify, conserve and manage heritage assets owned, occupied or managed by that agency.

Section 170 requires government agencies to keep a Register of heritage items, which is called a Heritage and Conservation Register or more commonly, a S.170 Register. A S.170 Register is a record of the heritage assets owned or managed by a NSW government agency.

A S.170 register consists of a list of heritage assets and an assessment of the significance of each asset. It may also include a thematic history of the agency.

The register identifies buildings, but may also include natural, movable, archaeological, landscapes and Aboriginal heritage.

S.170 registers are prepared on the Heritage Division's free database software and form part of the State Heritage Inventory. State significant items identified in a S.170 register are considered for listing on the State Heritage Register. Over 780 State significant items are currently listed on the State Heritage Register.

The progress of agencies in preparing registers and managing their heritage assets is monitored by the Heritage Council.

S.170 Registers are submitted to the Heritage Council of NSW for endorsement.

To view examples on-line section 170 Heritage and Conservation Registers follow this link to the State Heritage Inventory. In the Owner/Organisation field you can search on the following agency's to view their s.170 Registers, or type in the abbreviated name in brackets:

  • Australian Rail Track Corporation (rail track)
  • NSW Arts (arts)
  • Australian Technology Park (technology)
  • Delta Electricity (delta)
  • Department of Commerce (commerce)
  • Department of Planning (planning)
  • Department of Health (health)
  • EnergyAustralia (energy)
  • Newcastle Port Corporation (newcastle)
  • NSW Department of Primary Industries (primary)
  • NSW Fire Brigades (fire)
  • NSW Maritime Authority (maritime)
  • Parramatta Park Trust (parramatta)
  • RailCorp (railcorp)
  • Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (foreshore)
  • Sydney Ports Authority (sydney ports)
  • Sydney University (sydney university)
  • Sydney Water (sydney water)
  • Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation (infrastructure)
  • Country Energy (country)
  • Hunter Water (hunter)
  • Roads and Traffic Authoirtyy (roads)
  • Sydney Catchment Authority (catchment)

For more information on s.170 Registers contact the Heritage Division by email

Page last updated: 06 September 2013