Culture and heritage

Heritage of NSW

State government and heritage

The Heritage Branch works with NSW government agencies to conserve and manage their heritage assets. The Branch does this by exercising its regulatory function, providing support, advice and education and promotion agency heritage programs. This includes:

  • assisting agencies in the preparation of a section 170 Heritage & Conservation Registers and the revision of existing Registers;
  • encouraging agencies to develop and implement heritage asset management guidelines;
  • conducting forums and workshops for government agencies;
  • providing regular advice on heritage management issues;
  • processing section 60 development applications under the Heritage Act and providing technical advice on heritage management and conservation issues;
  • developing agency and operational specific exemptions from approval under the Heritage Act;
  • facilitating regular discussion between the Heritage Council and NSW Government chief executive officers;
  • attending Government agencies Heritage Committee meetings; and
  • assisting in the nomination of items for State Heritage Register listing.
Page last updated: 01 September 2012