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Reports on conservation projects

On this page you will find reports of conservation projects undertaken in NSW, often with funding assistance through the Heritage Incentives Program. These projects have been undertaken by local councils, community groups and private owners and the reports posted with the author's permission.

Broken Hill - Verandah program report 2000-2005

By McDougall & Vines 2005

Description: The Broken Hill Verandah program was developed over four years to reconstruct historic verandahs; identify other buildings in Broken Hill which would benefit from the construction a verandah,; and assist with the reinstatement of the distinctively Broken Hill commercial character in the main street areas.

Broken Hill Verandah Program (brokenhillverandahprogrpt.pdf, 3.1MB)

Suspended awnings in commerical areas; structural assessment of risks in Mudgee Shire

By Bill Jordan & Associates Pty Ltd 2003

Heritage Consultant and Consulting Engineer, Bill Jordan, has made the following report on suspended awnings available. It will be of particular interest to local engineers. Note that the report should not be used for assessments outside the Mudgee Shire without Bill Jordan's permission. He can be contacted by email at bill.jordan@hunterlink.net.au.

Suspended Awnings in Commerical Areas (MudgeeAwnings2003.pdf, 798KB).

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