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The Technical Advisory Group

Use this page to find out more about TAG, the Heritage Council's Technical Advisory Group. TAG provides expert advice on technical issues and also organises workshops on conservation techniques and emerging issues.

If you would like to seek expert advice on a specific issue from TAG, you can email heritage@heritage.nsw.gov.au.

Information on TAG

What we do

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is an expert committee of the Heritage Council of NSW. The group provides advice on materials conservation, monitors emerging technical issues and new techniques and promotes best practice in heritage conservation.

For further details download the Terms of Reference (tagreference.pdf, 17KB) for details of its role and membership.

Who is on TAG?

TAG consists of technical specialists drawn from many fields, who can be called upon to help solve technical problems related to materials conservation. Members of TAG include experts in such fields as masonry, metals, paints, polymers and stained glass. Download for a full list of TAG members. (tagmembers.pdf, 21KB)

Papers from TAG seminars and workshops

TAG aims to promote best practice in materials conservation throughout NSW. The group regularly organizes seminars and conferences on technical issues.

Material evidence

You can download PDF copies of some of the talks presented at the seminar held in 2001:

Material Evidence; Conserving Historical Building Fabric

Keeping up appearances

A workshop on cleaning external masonry was presented in August 2002 by the Heritage Branch with the Technical Advisory Group and the National Trust of Australia (NSW). The workshop presented up-to-date information on cleaning methods currently available and also balanced the theory with industry involvement.

You can download an the annotated bibliography given out on the day which gives guidance on some of the major works on cleaning techniques. Annotated Bibliography (tagbibliography.pdf, 12KB)

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