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How to submit a section 60 application

When a place is listed on the State Heritage Register or affected by an interim heritage order, the approval of the Heritage Council of NSW is required for any major work. The Heritage Council works to ensure that any changes or additions or new buildings on the site do not detract from the heritage significance of the place.

Below is a step-by-step guide to submitting a Section 60 Application to the Heritage Council of NSW.

What is required?

A completed section 60 application is comprised of:

  • the section 60 form
  • additional documents
  • the application fee

It is important that your application include all these components. The step-by-step guide will assist you to provide all the information required and allow an efficient and immediate assessment of your application.

Step 1: Check the listing

Go to the online heritage database to search the State Heritage Register to confirm the status of your heritage place. The State Heritage Register entry may also contain important information that will be relevant to your application.

Step 2: Check if exemptions apply

If the works are only minor in nature, and will have minimal impact on the heritage significance of the place, they may be exempted from the requirement to submit a Section 60.

Step 3: Talk to a Heritage Branch officer

If your application is for a large or complex project, it will be helpful to contact the Heritage Branch prior to submitting your application. Please call the office on (02) 9873 8500 and ask to speak to one of the Senior Heritage Officers in the Conservation Team. [This is not necessary if your application is for a small project, but it may be useful.]

Step 4: Download the application form

Step 5: Complete all the fields

It is important that you complete all the fields in the application form. This will avoid unnecessary delays. If a field is not relevant to your particular item, please write "not applicable".

Step 6: Download references to help you complete the application

The Heritage Division has a diverse range of information on heritage that can be downloaded from the Publications Page to help you complete your application. Of particular interest will be:

Step 7: Attach the additional documents

There are a number of documents that must be submitted with every application. Check that you have included the following:

  • drawings describing your proposal. The drawings should show clearly what you propose to demolish, remove, destroy or excavate, what will remain without change, and what you propose to construct, create, plant or alter. Show the relationship of your proposal to the site boundaries and existing site features
  • Heritage Impact Statement and any other supporting documentation. Detailed information to assist you to prepare the Heritage Impact Statement is available - see references above
  • photographs of the heritage item and surrounding area should be included with captions explaining the likely impact of your proposal.

The following may also be required, depending on the nature of your proposal:

  • Conservation Management Plan (CMP). If your proposal will have a major impact on the heritage significance of an item listed on the State Heritage Register AND a CMP exists, please include this with your application
  • the section entitled "Excavation Director" on page 2 of the section 60 form must be completed if an archaeological excavation is proposed
  • an Archaeological Research Design will also be required if archaeology is proposed - unless this already forms part of the Heritage Impact Statement.

Step 8: Calculate the fee

Use the fee calculator to determine the fee payable based on the cost of the proposed work. Attach a cheque for that amount to your application. Payment may be made by cheque, EFTPOS or Direct Debit.

Step 9: Download the checklist

Download our checklist to make sure that you have covered all the required information and so avoid delays or the need to resubmit. Attach the checklist to your application so that the Heritage Division can immediately verify that it is complete and proceed with the application:

Step 10: Submit the application

The section 60 application, additional documents and fee should be emailed to:

or digital copies may be posted to:

Heritage Division
Office of Environment & Heritage
Locked Bag 5020
Parramatta NSW 2124

What happens next?

An assessing officer from the Heritage Division's Conservation Team will process your application. To avoid confusion and delays, it is important that the application form, additional documents and fee are submitted all together. Incomplete applications can not be accepted.

Sometimes the assessing officer may need to seek further information to enable proper assessment. In this case, the officer will contact you with the request and you will have 21 days to provide the additional information. If you do not submit the required information within the time limit, you will be advised that no further consideration can be given to the application. If the information is not received within a further seven days, it will be considered that you do not wish to proceed with the application.

Further information

If you wish to clarify any of the requirements of a section 60 application, please call the Heritage Division on (02) 9873 8500 and ask to speak to a Heritage Division officer in the Conservation Team.

Page last updated: 11 January 2019