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NSW heritage database software

NSW State Heritage Inventory

The State Heritage Inventory (SHI) is a database of statutory listed heritage items of local and State significance in New South Wales. The information is provided by local councils and State government agencies.

To maintain the State Heritage Inventory the Heritage Division provides free of charge to Local Councils and State Government agencies, heritage professionals and community groups the following tools:

  • the State Heritage Inventory Web App
  • the State Heritage Inventory heritage database software

The SHI Web App and heritage database software have been designed to be compatible with the New South Wales planning and heritage system. Local Councils and State Government agencies can use these tools to manage their own heritage data collected through heritage studies, Local Environmental Plans and s.170 Heritage and Conservation Registers.

State Heritage Inventory Web App

The current State Heritage Inventory heritage database software programmed in Microsoft Access is being upgraded and replaced by the State Heritage Inventory Web App.

The State Heritage Inventory Web App is a free Internet based information system for the inventory and management of cultural heritage in New South Wales. It is a dynamic tool that allows new information to be added and material amended as new items are identified and existing items reassessed.

Why is the upgrade required?

The upgrade from Microsoft Access to an Internet based application will ensure the ongoing supportability and continuance of the State Heritage Inventory. It will contribute towards the longevity of the heritage data and information collected.

The upgrade will result in the following benefits:

  • Improved security and user management.
  • More robust database back-end.
  • Simpler and more streamlined heritage item submission process.
  • More accessible data. Data can be access anywhere via the Internet.
  • Automatic image sizing and thumbnail generation.
  • Heritage items for an agency are no longer limited to a number range.
  • Addition of pic list Physical Condition and Archaeological Potential fields.
  • New dashboard views of most recently edited and submitted items.

What changes can I expect?

Users will manage their heritage data via the Internet. Installing software and connecting to databases is no longer required. Essentially the structure and functionality of the system remains the same and all existing data entry screens and fields remain the same.

All existing data collected via the heritage database software is compatible with the new Web App.

Existing users will notice some changes to the look and feel of the system as it is a web based application and as such behaves much like navigating a website. There has been the addition of some new screens for the submission of data and utilities. There has also been the removal of some screens such as the installation screen.

The ID number range allocated to Local Councils and State agencies will no longer be used. When a new item is added the next available number in the overall sequence will be automatically allocated.

Heritage data will be submitted to the Heritage Division on-line. The Heritage Division will receive an email when data is submitted for transfer to the State Heritage Inventory.

When will I use the new system?

The heritage database software will continue until the user submits the most recent heritage database back end file (shidata3.mdb) to the Heritage Division.

Once the file has been submitted and imported by the Heritage Division to the State Heritage Inventory, a username and password will be provided to the user and from that point on the Web App is used.

Web App user registration and support

Users of the Web App are required to obtain registration and password details from the Heritage Division prior to using the Web App.

A detailed user guide is available for download. Reading the user guide should be sufficient for users to operate the Web App. The documentation contains an overview of the heritage database and screen grabs and instructions on searching and navigation techniques, data-entry and submitting data to the Heritage Division.

To log onto the Web App go to the following web page: www.environment.nsw.gov.au/heritageadminapp/default.aspx

For further assistance and information on the State Heritage Inventory Web Application contact Stewart Watters by:
Phone: (02) 9873 8561
Fax: (02) 9873 5999
E-mail: stewart.watters@heritage.nsw.gov.au

State Heritage Inventory heritage database software

In June 2009 the new Version 4 Heritage Database Software was released. It is strongly recommended that all users upgrade their shiuser3.mdb file to shiuser4.mdb to obtain the new features.

Downloads (version 4 updated June 2009)

Before using this software for a heritage study, please contact the Heritage Branch to have a serial number embedded in your copy of the database. To download for evaluation purposes, right-click on the links below, then select 'Save Target As' to save the files to your PC or network drive.

Front-end database

The first component of the software is the 'front-end'which contains all the programming and 'look-up' tables. The file "shiuser4.zip" must be 'unzipped' before use.

Version 4 is available for:

Back-end database

The second component is the 'back-end' which contains all the data tables. The file "shidata4.zip" must be 'unzipped' before use. In Version 4, the same database is used for all versions of MS Access. Do not open this file directly with MS Access!


Below are guides for installation, upgrading and data entry.

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