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Nominating for State Heritage Register listing

Anyone can nominate a place or object for listing on the State Heritage Register by completing the nomination form attached to this page.

Before nominating an item for the State Heritage Register, you should first carefully consider whether the place or object is of state heritage significance and important to the people of NSW. "State heritage significance" means that the item is important for the whole of NSW.

Some places and items may not reach the threshold for listing on the State Heritage Register but may be of local heritage significance within a local government area.

Learn about local heritage.

For a nomination to be considered for listing on the State Heritage Register it must be demonstrated that the place or object meets at least one of the seven Heritage Council criteria for listing on the State Heritage Register.

Learn more about how an item is added to the register.

Here's what to do if you are considering nominating a state significant place or object for listing on the State Heritage Register. (Remember that a nomination can only be submitted on a completed nomination form.)

Step 1: Meeting the criteria

Download the Heritage Council's criteria and decide whether the item would meet one or more of these criterion for listing.

Criteria for Listing on the State Heritage Register.

Step 2: Get the nomination form

Save the nomination form to your computer. The nomination form is in microsoft word format and can be used on Microsoft Windows.

State Heritage Register Nomination Form (StateHeritageRegisterNominationFormJune2008.doc, 683KB)

Note: if you require a form to collect information about a local heritage place or object, or for use by a local council, go to the local heritage page to download the Heritage Data Form.

Step 3: Filling out the form

Download our guide to filling out the nomination form Guidelines for Nominations to the State Heritage Register  (SHRNominationsGuideline2006.pdf, 1.2MB)

The NSW State Heritage nomination form is used to gather necessary information to enable assessment of a place or object's heritage significance and to determine eligibility for listing on the State Heritage Register.

A baseline level of information must be entered into the nomination form for a nomination to be accepted for consideration by the Heritage Council. Make sure that you fill out all the fields marked "mandatory" on the form. Other sections of the form are recommended for completion, but are not essential.

Incomplete nominations, or those with inadequate or insufficient information, may not be accepted for consideration.

A complete and accurate nomination form, with a clear assessment of state significance, will assist in the early consideration of your nomination.

Step 4: References to help you complete the form

Other key references that can be used as a guide to completing the form include:

  • The Burra Charter, Australia ICOMOS, 1999, available from the Australia ICOMOS website;
  • The Conservation Plan, by James Semple Kerr, 2000, available from the National Trust (NSW);
  • The Australian Natural Heritage Charter, available from the Australian Heritage Council;
  • Movable heritage principles (infomovable.pdf, 131KB). Heritage Branch and NSW Ministry for the Arts, 2000.

Step 5: Researching your place or object

You may find that you need to undertake some additional research on your place or object to fully complete the form. The Heritage Division's Researching Heritage page can guide you on how to find out more about a heritage place.

To develop an understanding of a heritage place or object it is necessary to undertake historical research, investigate its fabric, and make comparisons. Once these processes have been undertaken, a statement of significance can be developed that succinctly tells us why a place or object is important.

Step 6: Lodging your nomination

Once you have determined that the item you are nominating may be of state heritage significance and you have completed the nomination form, lodge the form with the Heritage Division:

Further information

For further information or assistance on nominating a heritage place or object, contact a member of the Listings Team at the Heritage Division by emailing: or phoning (02) 9873 8500.

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Page last updated: 14 November 2016