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State Heritage Register Thematic Listings Program 2009-2010

The State Heritage Register Thematic Listings Program is a strategic initiative to maintain a balanced and credible State Heritage Register that accurately records the most significant places and objects in, and which reflects the cultural richness and diversity of, the State of New South Wales.

The recent review of the Heritage Act recommended that the Heritage Council set 'thematically based forward program' to provide a strategic and systematic framework for managing the State Heritage Register listing processes.

The Heritage Council has commenced implementing this recommendation at a policy level and the Minister has endorsed a set of four themes that will be targeted between 2009 and 2011. The four themes and reasons for their selection are:

Burra Aboriginal Heritage
To ensure this important aspect of the State's history continues to be recognised
Old Great North Road Convicts
To acknowledge work associated with the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage nomination
A Governor Macquarie building Governor Macquarie
To mark the bicentenary of Macquarie's tenure as Governor from 1810-1821
World Wars I & II
To acknowledge the important contribution of servicemen and women during both World Wars and the 70th anniversary of the beginning of WWII (2009).

Completed nomination forms are now being sought in accordance with the four identified themes.

To contribute to the Thematic Listings Program follow the steps below.

Step 1: Check whether the item is already listed on the State Heritage Register by searching the database.

Step 2: Consider whether the item is of significance to all of New South Wales and whether it meets the criteria (criteria.pdf, 87KB) for listing on the State Heritage Register. Read the levels of significance (levelsofheritagesignificance2008.pdf, 2.1MB) and How to assess significance (assessingheritagesignificance.pdf, 768KB) documents and if applicable also refer to Assessing Historical Importance (infohistoricalimportance.pdf, 80KB) and Assessing Historical Association (infohistoricalassociation.pdf, 83KB) to ensure the item is likely to be of State significance. The Heritage Council uses these criteria when deciding whether or not to recommend an item for listing to the Minister.

There are many war memorials and honour rolls located within communities throughout NSW. These are important in commemorating the sacrifices of servicemen and women. To be eligible for listing, memorials must be of significance to the State as a whole, such as the Cenotaph in Sydney. The NSW Government has a Register of War Memorials that assists communities record and document these important items.

Items with incidental, unsubstantiated connections and not directly associated with Governor Lachlan Macquarie and his life and works (such as Macquarie's land grants) are unlikely to meet the criteria for listing on the State Heritage Register.

Sites with incidental, unsubstantiated connections and not directly associated with significant known convict activity or occupation are unlikely to meet the criteria for listing on the State Heritage Register.

Step 3: Complete the State Heritage Register Nomination form and email it to heritage@heritage.nsw.gov.au.

Please note the Heritage Division is not able to accept incomplete or unsubstantiated nomination forms.

While nominations for places that do not fall within the themes will still be accepted, the Thematic Listings Program will remain the priority. Nominations for places under threat will continue to be considered by the Heritage Council.

Further information

For further information or assistance on nominating a heritage place or object, contact a member of the Listings Team at the Heritage Division, Office of Environment and Heritage by emailing: heritage@heritage.nsw.gov.au or phoning (02) 9873 8500.

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