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Denman's Cottage at Hill End

"Denman's Cottage is a simple vernacular stone masonry residence. Its form and layout is typical of many 19th century Australian cottages, being a four roomed residence with a central hallway and attached skillions at rear.

The vernacular cottage has a timeless quality, based on the Georgian building tradition, acclimatized with a verandah, it proliferated in the 1850s and 1860s, with the population growth of the gold rushes. They were typical workers cottages, their materials reflecting the era and place of building: red brick in Wagga Wagga, rubble stone in Burra, wattle and daub in Gulgong or Hill End.

What differentiates Denman's Cottage from other cottages in Hill End is its use of materials. It is distinctive in Hill End because of its use of stone as the principal construction material. ... According to the Ashley & Kent study in 1989 the cottage was one of only two remaining stone cottages in Hill End.

It can be seen from this comparative assessment that Denman's Cottage is a representative New South Wales example of a mid 19th century Victorian cottage but is a particularly rare Hill End example of masonry construction."

Denman's Cottage, Hill End Historic Site, Conservation Management Plan, October 2001, Christo Aitken & Associates, pages 30-32

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