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This on-line exhibition is sponsored by the Heritage Council of New South Wales. The Heritage Council has a role in advising the Premier on certain matters relating to the removal and conservation of Royal Coats of Arms on public buildings and places in NSW, and has an interest in the development of the State's cultural identity as expressed through the art of heraldry and the skills of heraldic artisans.


The support and assistance of the NSW Parliament, State Library of NSW, State Records NSW, NSW Migration Heritage Centre, Sydney Water and Integral Energy is acknowledged, as is the generous contribution of images by the State Library of NSW and the Phoenix Foundry at Uralla. The guidance and advice of members of the Heritage Council's History Advisory Panel is also acknowledged. The exhibition was curated by Bruce Baskerville.

Crown copyright. Published 25 October 2006, revised 9 November 2006 and 14 March 2007.

Further information

Archives in Brief #110, prepared by State Records NSW, provides a brief overview of the major sources held by State Records relating to official coats of arms in NSW. It is the first guide to the state's heraldic records that has been prepared, and is a significant contribution to commemorating the centenary of the State Arms.

You can explore the work of other heraldic agencies and obtain further heraldic information through the www links on this site.


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