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The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment periodically sends email updates to accredited assessors. The content of those updates is available below.

Note: The Department regularly updates support tools and documents, so some of the information in the bulletins may have been superseded. Please ensure you check the most recent information.

BAM Assessor Update 22 – 6 September 2019 (PDF 140KB)

  • Planned update of biodiversity data referenced by the BAM Calculator 27 September 2019
  • Revised list of species listed as potential serious and irreversible impacts (SAII) species
  • Application of the Biodiversity Assessment Method for developments on Category 1 land
  • Replacement of the LMBC Service Centre
  • Introducing the BAM support webinar series

BAM Assessor Update Number 21 – 28 August 2019 (PDF 49KB)

  • Biodiversity Values Map Version 7 Update
  • Timing for future BV Map Updates
  • How are development proposals that were being triggered into the BOS by the BV Map and the mapped area is removed to be dealt with?

BAM Assessor Update Number 20 – 12 August 2019 (PDF 194KB)

  • Planned update of biodiversity data referenced by the BAM Calculator 27 September 2019
  • Biodiversity risk weighting for TECs and PCTs
  • Correction to advice provided in update 19 – Removing candidate/predicted species from lists generated by BAM-C 

BAM Assessor Update Number 19 – 22 July 2019 (PDF 138KB) (updated 12 August)

  • Improving BAM support – opportunity for your input
  • Amending offset obligations for approved DAs or submitted applications
  • Removing candidate/predicted species from lists generated by BAM-C

BAM Assessor Update Number 18 – 4 July 2019 (PDF 128KB)

BAM Assessor Update Number 17 – 18 June 2019 (PDF 40KB)

  •  Fee changes 2019–2020

BAM Assessor Update Number 16 – 29 May 2019 (PDF 190KB)

  • Biodiversity Values Map Version 6 Update
  • Rhodamnia rubescens in BAM-Calculator
  • Update on the savings and transition arrangements for Biobanking
  • Amendment to Assessor Up-date 15
  • Biodiversity Assessment Method Calculator availability

BAM Assessor Update Number 15 – 16 May 2019 (PDF 127KB)

  • Differences between information in the Threatened Biodiversity Data Collection (TBDC) in BioNet and the BAM Calculator
  • Reuse of Biobanking Assessment Method/Framework for Biodiversity Assessment data in BAM
  • Streamlined assessments and entities at risk of a serious and irreversible impact (SAII)
  • Serious and irreversible impacts must be considered for impacts on TEC’s below the offset threshold
  • The role of the consent authority in assessing a BDAR

BAM Assessor Update Number 14 – 28 February 2019 (PDF 122KB)

  • Biodiversity Offset Scheme Public Registers
  • Guidance on credit equivalence
  • Updated Total Fund Deposit calculator

BAM Assessor Update Number 13 – 28 February 2019 (PDF 42KB)

  • Changes to the areas on the BV Map
  • Enhancements to the BMAT Tool

BAM Assessor Update Number 12– 8 February 2019 (PDF 45KB)

  • Update to the Biodiversity Values Map - Expiry of 90 days for areas added in Version 3 Update

BAM Assessor Update Number 11– 18 January 2019 (PDF 169KB)

  • Update on the Assessment Bilateral Agreement
  • BAM-C update
  • Guidance on seeking concurrence for a reduced offset obligation
  • Coming up

BAM Assessor Update Number 10– 21 December 2018 (PDF 69KB)

  • Updates to the Biodiversity Values Map - December 2018

BAM Assessor Update Number 9 – 3 December 2018 (PDF 159KB)

  • How does the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 interact with SEPP 44?
  • Three useful tips for using BOAMS 
  • What to do if no survey month is specified in BAM-C for a flora species
  • Data differences between BAM-C and BioNet
  • Local Government FAQs webpage

BAM Assessor Update Number 8 – 21 November 2018 (PDF 232KB)

  • Western Sydney interim designated areas - extended for 12 months
  • Biodiversity offsets scheme commencing for local development for former IDA areas 

BAM Assessor Update Number 7 – 8 November 2018 (PDF 155KB)

  • Changes to the Biodiversity Values Map

BAM Assessor Update Number 6 – 5 November 2018 (PDF 105KB)

  • CPI Increase to fees
  • Assessor Forums
  • Bat survey guidelines
  • Varying survey time for species credit species

BAM Assessor Update Number 5 – 22 October 2018 (PDF 50KB)

  • Total fund deposit – discount rate

BAM Assessor Update Number 4 – 15 August 2018 (PDF 32KB)

  • Reasonable credit equivalence
  • Accredited Assessor Forums

BAM Assessor Update Number 3 – 6 August 2018 (PDF 160KB)

  • Paddock tree module in BAM Calculator
  • Upcoming assessor forums in Sydney and Newcastle
  • Update to Biodiversity Offset Payment Calculator
  • Updated high threat weed list
  • Assessing development impacts on Category 1 land and the Biodiversity Offset Scheme
  • Threatened Species Test of Significance Guidelines
  • Submitting Biodiversity Development Assessment Reports

BAM Assessor Update Number 2 – 8 July 2018 (PDF 116KB)

  • Benchmarks for Plant Community Types
  • Changes to the Biobanking Web pages
  • Fees for the Biodiversity Conservation Scheme 
  • Threatened bat survey guide

BAM Assessor Update Number 1 - 31 May 2018 (PDF 52KB)

  • Publication of Stage 1 of the Operational Manual
  • Advice on pricing credits for BSA sites
  • Updates to the BAM Credit Calculator
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