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List of experts to prepare expert reports

What is an expert?

An expert is a person who, in the opinion of the Environment Agency Head (EAH), possesses specialised knowledge based on training, study or experience to provide an expert opinion in relation to the biodiversity values to which an expert report relates.

Information on experts and expert reports

Experts and the use of expert reports are described within 6.5.2 of the Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM).

How can expert status be demonstrated?

Expert status can be demonstrated by:

(a) the expert’s qualifications such as relevant degrees, post graduate qualifications, and

(b) their history of experience in the ecological research and survey method, for the relevant species, and

(c) a resume detailing projects pertaining to the survey of the relevant species (including the locations and dates of the work) over the previous 10 years, and

(d) their employer’s name and period of employment (where relevant), and

(e) relevant peer reviewed publications, and

(f) evidence that the person is a well-known authority on the relevant species to which the survey relates. The accredited assessor cannot act as a referee for the proposed expert.

Becoming a listed expert

For more information on becoming a listed expert please contact

List of experts to prepare expert reports

Under of the BAM the Environment Agency Head (delegate) has published a list of experts.







Dr Stephanie Clark

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Meridolum corneovirens
The Giant Cumberland Land snail

Pommerhelix duralensis
The Dural Land snail

15 May 2018

14 May 2024

Dr Stephen Phillips

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Phascolarctos cinereus

13 July 2018 N/A
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