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Northern Rivers Regional Biodiversity Management Plan

The Northern Rivers Regional Biodiversity Management Plan was approved by the Federal Government in August 2010.

The Plan is available to download from the Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.

Plan Summary

The Northern Rivers Regional Biodiversity Management Plan (the Plan) constitutes the national regional recovery plan under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 for threatened species and ecological communities principally distributed in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW. The Plan is part of an Australian Government-funded pilot to trial the integration of regional recovery and threat abatement planning. It provides a regional approach to the delivery of recovery actions necessary to ensure the long-term viability of threatened species and ecological communities in the Region.

The Northern Rivers Region is an area relatively rich in biodiversity data. This has allowed for innovative and sophisticated analysis techniques to be used in this Plan for biodiversity assessment and identification of priority areas for conservation works. These outputs will help guide investment by the Australian Government, New South Wales Government, Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority and local authorities in the Region. Collaboration and partnerships will be essential for the implementation of the Plan.

The Plan considers all threats affecting biodiversity in the Region, including those associated with the potential impacts of climate change. The Plan also incorporates Indigenous cultural values and considerations into biodiversity management in the Region.

It is in this context that the Plan, in association with the approved Border Ranges Rainforest Biodiversity Management Plan (DECCW 2010), sets out an overall strategy for the conservation and restoration of biodiversity in the Northern Rivers Region.

It is intended that this Plan be implemented over a ten-year period.

The Northern Rivers Regional Biodiversity Management Plan is presented in two parts. The first consists of this document containing the background information relevant to the recovery of the priority species and ecological communities, and the outcomes and actions required to achieve their long-term recovery. The second part is presented electronically on a compact disk (CD) which can be found on the inside back cover of this document. This second part provides background information, including a number of appendices and figures that accompany the main Plan.

Strengthening partnerships to protect and support our biodiversity

The Northern Rivers region covers over 50,000 square kilometres of north-east NSW. It extends from just south of Port Macquarie north to the Queensland border and inland to the tablelands as far as Armidale. The area features a range of public lands, including national parks (covering 22% of the region) and state forests (12% of the region). There are a number of major population centres along the coast, and some 59% of the region is private land.

The Northern Rivers Regional Biodiversity Management Plan was prepared by the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) to cover the Northern Rivers Region of north-east NSW. The plan was funded by the Australian Government.

 DVD presentations

Northern Rivers Regional Biodiversity Management Plan


The Northern Rivers Regional Biodiversity Management Plan - Implementation Partnerships Promotion  DVD

This DVD provides background information about the plan and how you, as an individual or group, may get involved in implementation of biodiversity actions and outcomes on your land:               

View this DVD on youtube.

If you or your group would like a copy of this DVD please send a request to:

The Manager
Biodiversity Assessment and Conservation Section
Department of Environment and Climate Change (NSW)
Locked bag 914 Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
Tel.  02 66 515946

Northern Rivers Regional Biodiversity Management Plan  

This DVD The People Who Make it Happen provides landholder testimonials regarding biodiversity incentives, activities and outcomes on their land.

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Plan Outcomes for Fire Management in 2014

The formation of the Northern Rivers Fire and Biodiversity Consortium (NRFABCON) is a key action of the Northern Rivers Regional Biodiversity Management Plan addressing the threat of inappropriate fire regimes on the region's biodiversity.

The NRFABCON is focused on achieving landscape scale objectives addressed in the two biodiversity management plans.

Find out more on the NRFABCON website:

  • To promote a consistent, coordinated and appropriate approach to fire management to protect vegetation communities, ecosystems and habitats from inappropriate fire regimes.
  • To engage and assist the community and private landholders in biodiversity conservation and property management planning by providing information and advice on the role of fire.
  • To build on existing networks and threat management programs and seek new partnerships between government agencies, organisations, research bodies and private landholders.
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