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The Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016  commenced on 25 August 2017.  The Act is a key pillar of the NSW Government’s framework for biodiversity assessment and management, together with the land management framework established in the Local Land Services Act 2013 (as amended by the Local Land Services Amendment Act 2016).

The Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016, together with the Biodiversity Conservation Regulation 2017, outlines the framework for addressing impacts on biodiversity from development and clearing. It establishes a framework to avoid, minimise and offset impacts on biodiversity from development through the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme.

The Biodiversity Offsets Scheme creates a transparent, consistent and scientifically based approach to biodiversity assessment and offsetting for all types of development that are likely to have a significant impact on biodiversity. It also establishes biodiversity stewardship agreements, which are voluntary in-perpetuity agreements entered into by landholders, to secure offset sites.

See an overview of how the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme operates.

Information targeted to the different participants involved in the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme can be found here:  

Transitioning to the new Biodiversity Offsets Scheme

There are arrangements in place to support a smooth transition from the former legislation to the new framework established under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

Visit Transitional arrangements for more information.

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