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Guy Fawkes River National Park - wild horses heritage study

Guy Fawkes River National Park is in north-east NSW, near Dorrigo. Following a horse culling operation in the park in October 2000, a working party was formed to study the heritage value of wild horses in the park.

The working party has released its report into this difficult issue. You can download the report at the bottom of this page. The report shows that the horses have local heritage value because they have a strong association with sections of the local community.

A local community-based steering committee will be formed, including representatives from the working party, local communities and other stakeholders. This means that local people with experience in handling horses in the park's rugged country will now be involved in developing the most appropriate method to humanely remove the horses from the park.

The way is also open for people interested in breeding and conserving horses to provide homes for horses removed from the park.

Documents to download

The working party report is a large document. You can either download the entire report (PDF - 4.5MB), or download the sections you need:

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Page last updated: 26 February 2011