Coastal management grants 2014-15

Bega Valley Shire Council

Short Point - restoring a coastal icon                     

Since the early 1900s Short Point has experienced high levels of visitation, as a result of this long history of intensive use, it has a range of management issues including loss of native vegetation cover, erosion, degraded beach / headland access and environmental weeds intrusion. This project will develop and implement a comprehensive restoration plan for Short Point.

Bega Valley Shire Dune Protection and Rehabilitation Program - Stage 4

This project aims to rebuild and rehabilitate the degraded dune environment at Cocora Beach in Eden. The current dune environment is dilapidated, highly erodible and contains very little native vegetation. This lack of native vegetation paired with prevailing winds has led to the development of a flat incipient dune that provides a limited storm buffer.

Coffs Harbour City Council

Implementation of Coffs Harbour CZMP:  Woolgoolga Beach rehabilitation project          

This project will rehabilitate 200 linear metres of Woolgoolga Beach between the boat ramp and surf club. A series of beach erosion events have eroded the beach profile significantly. The project will rebuild the dunal system and rehabilitate the dune with low-lying vegetation.

Great Lakes Council

Dredge eastern channel of Lower Myall River and construct sand delivery system to Jimmys Beach

The project involves the design, installation and testing of an efficient sand transfer system using terrestrial sand from the Winda Woppa spit for ongoing nourishment of the Jimmys Beach. The sand transfer system will provide for the on demand nourishment of Jimmys Beach.

Lake Macquarie City Council

Stage 3 - Citywide dune ecosystem enhancement program         

This is Stage 3 of the Citywide dune enhancement work undertaken by Council in partnership with OEH. This project will increase dune resilience and involve activities including dune reshaping, revegetation, bitou bush eradication, vehicle and pedestrian exclusion strategies (signage, fencing and access restrictions) and dune formation fencing.

Lake Macquarie Coastal Zone Management Plan - exhibition and consultation   

Lake Macquarie City Council has been preparing a single Coastal Zone Management Plan for the Lake Macquarie coastal zone. This project will deliver a community consultation program to engage with all stakeholders in the Lake Macquarie coastal zone, and the local community prior to finalisation of the new Coastal Zone Management Plan.

Manly Council

Fairy Bower seawall remediation design

The Marine Parade seawall along the Fairy Bower section of Manly Ocean Beach has been identified as being at immediate risk of geotechnical failure, due to undermining by wave action and overtopping during storm events. Wave overtopping constitutes a hazard to pedestrians and buildings behind the seawall crest. This section of Marine Parade is highly utilised by locals and visitors to Shelley Beach, including international tourists. It is also a popular access point for swimming and snorkelling in the adjacent Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve.

To identify remedial options and provide detailed cost analysis for seawall remediation, a site-specific study will be required. The proposed project will address public safety risks. It essentially involves design work, for example, conceptual and preliminary design for the seawall remediation, including physical model testing for wave overtopping, assessment of remediation options and scoping design.

Nambucca Shire Council

Nambucca Heads Surf Life Saving Club protection works

The Nambucca Heads Surf Lifesaving Club at Main Beach, Nambucca Heads is located in the active hazard area of the beach and is threatened with eventual inundation. The building and the reserve adjoining it are fronted by a stepped concrete seawall which is severely damaged. A consultant's preliminary report recommends the construction of a static structure to prevent further erosion of the reserve and the inundation of the building. As the building is in relatively good condition, protection of the existing building at this time is more economical than retreat or relocation options.

Pittwater Council

Mona Vale beach dune restoration - Stage 2      

The dunes at Mona Vale beach are continually windblown resulting in dune creep and sand deposits in the adjacent reserve. In order to prevent or minimise future environmental damage, Council will remove all existing fencing to the dune south of the Surf Life Saving Club to the end of Surfview Rd and reshape the dune. Fencing will then be upgraded or replaced as appropriate and the dune revegetated.

Port Stephens Council

Tanilba Bay foreshore erosion management works

This project will implement the second stage of the Tanilba Bay foreshore erosion management plan. Stage 2 of the project will install rocky headlands and pocket beaches along the remainder of Peace Park in Tanilba Bay. This will support the successful outcome of Stage 1 and result in longer term foreshore stability whilst providing intertidal habitat.

Randwick City Council

A hazard risk assessment of Randwick's ocean beaches and cliff lines

The project will undertake coastal risk hazard assessment in accordance with the requirements of the Coastal Protection Act 1979 for beaches and headlands on the open coastline within the Randwick Local Government Area, including Coogee and Maroubra beaches. These iconic beaches provide regional recreational opportunities for the broader Sydney metropolitan area and are international tourist destinations in their own right. Although still featuring significant elements of natural beach systems, these beaches also demonstrate some degradation from the ongoing and increasing pressures of coastal processes and intensive recreational use. Coastal risk assessment will provide direction and critical information for the development of a Coastal Zone Management Plan for Randwick.

Shellharbour City Council

Warilla Beach dune and habitat rehabilitation

Warilla Beach is located approximately 10 kilometres south of Wollongong, adjacent to the entrance of Lake Illawarra. The beach is approximately 1.8 kilometres in length and is backed by residential property. Historically, there has been no formal management framework for coastal dunes within the Shellharbour Local Government Area. Through the preparation of the Shellharbour Coastal Zone Management Study and more recently the Draft Shellharbour Dune Management Plan, Council is now guided by a management framework that allows for a systematic, coordinated and outcome-driven approach to dune management.

This project is a continuation of a progressive works program for the Warilla Beach dune system. A staged approach to rehabilitation of the dune system has been implemented to allow for feasible milestones and outcomes to be achieved. Previous works have focused on primary and secondary weeding followed by the planting of predominately herbaceous stabilising plants and scrub or woodland species. This project will incorporate similar works, targeting the eradication of noxious weed species and also include the planting of coastal heath or forest plants (e.g. Melaleuca species, Eucalyptus species and Banksia species) with the aim of increasing longer-term dune stability and habitat value.

Shoalhaven City Council

Citywide community engagement on Shoalhaven coastal erosion remediation strategy

Shoalhaven City Council has gathered a large body of knowledge on coastal management which has been incorporated into a draft Coastal Zone Management Plan. This project will design and deliver a remediation strategy that will require a community engagement strategy to explain the fundamentals of coastal management, discuss the implications of coastal risk, address misconceptions, answer questions and explore adaptive management options for coastal communities.

Tweed Shire Council

Kingscliff foreshore protection Stage 3 - environmental impact study for foreshore protection works

Kingscliff Beach foreshore has major public assets within the immediate hazard zone. Severe coastal erosion in recent years has highlighted the vulnerability of these public assets. Following extensive community consultation and consideration of issues, council has adopted a protection strategy for a 500-metre length of Kingscliff foreshore. Preliminary studies and some on-ground works have been completed. This project is the preparation of an integrated environmental impact study (EIS) for the adopted public foreshore protection option at Kingscliff, being construction of a seawall and implementation of sand nourishment. This project is Stage 3 of the EIS and approvals process, the previous stages being feasibility and preliminary impact assessments of the sand nourishment placement and sand extraction from the Tweed River. The project will provide an integrated assessment of all elements of the foreshore protection plan.

Warringah Council

Technical guidelines for the design of protective works at Collaroy-Narrabeen

The Collaroy-Narrabeen Beach embayment is characterised as having the most highly capitalised shoreline in Warringah. Development along the beach is also classified as the third most at-risk nationally, and most at-risk in NSW, from coastal processes. Collaroy-Narrabeen Beach also has a history of ad-hoc emergency protection works being undertaken during and after coastal storms.

The project will develop guidelines on the design requirements for new and upgraded protective works at Collaroy-Narrabeen Beach. The requirements will include design standards, alignments and required setbacks. Additionally, the guidelines will address council's intention to have all future protective works contained on private property and existing protective works on public land be removed.

This information will provide the council and property owners with clear direction on the suitability and requirements for all proposals to upgrade or build new protective works at selected locations along Collaroy-Narrabeen Beach. Application of the guidelines will ensure that any future protective works are constructed to the prescribed standards ensuring consistency in siting and quality as well as maintenance of the beach environment.

Wollongong City Council

Wollongong beach and dune monitoring and management

Councils need to understand the factors influencing the spatial and temporal patterns of change along their coastlines in order to make effective coastal zone management decisions. For Wollongong City Council, beach and dune management issues have become a significant challenge in recent years, and management intervention has sometimes been necessary without a full understanding of their likely long-term impact. This project involves continuing beach and dune monitoring at selected locations where works have been undertaken or are planned, for a better understanding of the coastal processes that shape these landforms and the likely impacts of any intervention works. This information will assist council in ensuring that management actions undertaken bring about effective and enduring solutions.

Wollongong dune vegetation management

This project seeks to restore and enhance the dune vegetation behind the patrolled areas of seven beaches of the Wollongong Local Government Area: Bulli, Woonona, Bellambi, Corrimal, Towradgi, Fairy Meadow and Wollongong City beaches. Key dune vegetation management actions were included in the 'Dune Management Strategy for the patrolled swimming areas of 17 beaches' prepared in 2013. The project includes mapping the existing vegetation in the designated areas, preparing site management plans for each beach, undertaking weed control, removal of dead and senescent vegetation (particularly subspecies of Acacia longifolia), undertaking revegetation works with appropriate native species and setting up a Dune Care Volunteer Program.

Whartons Creek entrance management study and policy

Whartons Creek is a small intermittently closed and open lake or lagoon with a catchment of 210 hectares draining to Bulli Beach. Whartons Creek periodically opens to the north, causing steep scarping of the dunes at Bulli Beach. This dune erosion greatly reduces accessibility and amenity at the beach. This has resulted in council seeking necessary approvals and manually excavating the creek entrance to open it in a direct easterly path to the ocean.

This project aims to investigate local coastal processes which influence the entrance behaviour and cause shoreline erosion, and to recommend strategies for council to more effectively manage the stabilisation of the entrance. The project will result in an entrance management study and policy, and a review of environmental factors for adopted management options to allow improved and efficient ongoing management of the entrance of Whartons Creek.

Woollahra Municipal Council

Design of Lyne Park Rose Bay north-east section of the seawall

In 2013 council completed the first stage of the Woollahra Coastal Zone Management Plan (WCZMP -Stage 1), which provides an understanding of seawall condition along with a geotechnical assessment of the seawalls within the Woollahra foreshore area. In this plan Lyne Park Seawall was reviewed and it was recommended that 'significant lengths of wall require urgent repair within two to three years'.

This project covers the preparation of detailed design, investigation, review of environmental factors and all relevant approvals from state government agencies for the staged construction of the north-eastern section of Lyne Park seawall in future financial years.


Wyong Shire Council

Soldiers beach restoration plan - investigation and design            

Soldiers Beach coastal foredunes are degraded and unable to perform their natural function as a buffer to coastal storms. This project will prepare a restoration plan that will address actions identified in the Coastal Zone Management Plan. The plan will be utilised to reduce exposure of coastal development to erosion hazards, improve resilience of coastal ecological communities and improve recreational amenity.

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