Floodplain management grants

The NSW Government's floodplain management grants support local government to manage flood risk.

The funding for these projects comes from 2 programs, the NSW Floodplain Management Program and the Floodplain Grants Scheme (the latter of which is funded by the NSW Office of Emergency Management and Commonwealth Government).

On 16 November 2017, 59 projects totalling $8,845,684 in funding was awarded to local councils and other authorities to undertake priority projects to assess the risks and reduce the impacts of flooding in NSW. A further 9 grants totalling $979,000 were awarded from the reserve list.

How much funding is available?

Assistance provided under the program is usually $2 from government for every $1 provided by the applicant.

Who can apply?

Local councils, county councils or other government bodies with floodplain risk management responsibilities equivalent to those of local councils (such as the Hunter Local Land Services and the Lord Howe Island Board).

What will be funded?

Applications can be made for the following independent project stages:

1 Preparation of a flood study (including data collection)
2 Prepare or review floodplain risk management study and plan
3 Investigation, design and (where required) completion of a feasibility study for works identified in a floodplain risk management plan (this stage must be undertaken for any works projects that are likely to exceed a total project cost of $500,000)

Implementation of actions identified in a floodplain risk management plan, including but not limited to:

  • structural works, such as levees, detention basins, flood gates and improved flow conveyance
  • flood warning systems
  • evacuation management
  • voluntary purchase or house raising

2018-19 Funding Round

Current stageOpening dateClosing date
Applications 7 February 2018 28 March 2018
Forms for new applicants

Funded projects

Documents you need to manage your grant

Flood Maintenance Grants

Reference Material

More information

Contact the relevant office below for more information and technical assistance with your proposal. General inquiries on grants administration should be directed to coastalestuary.floodgrants@environment.nsw.gov.au or Coast, Estuary and Flood Grants Unit on 02 9895 6494.

Hunter/Lower North Coast 02 4927 3107
Murray/Murrumbidgee 02 6229 7170
North Coast 02 8289 6312
South Coast and Illawarra 02 4224 4153
Sydney 02 8837 6097
West and North West NSW 02 6883 5315
Page last updated: 28 June 2018