Managing your grant

Coastal and estuary management grants

When you receive the grant offer

  • The signed Funding Agreement must be returned within 45 days of the Minister’s grant offer/letter.
  • The Funding Agreement outlines the conditions of the grant (e.g. how payments are made, what is eligible for subsidy, reporting requirements) and your responsibilities.
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 Project brief and tender requirements

  • You should liaise with your OEH regional contact officer^ to get advice on project briefs and tenders and the eligibility of project elements for funding, as per conditions 17.3, 17.4, 18.4, 18.5 of the Funding Agreement.
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Work Plan

  • You need to submit your completed Work Plan* by the date listed in your Funding Agreement and it must be based on the tender submission.
  • Your Work Plan helps manage the grant by outlining key milestones, activities, outputs, timing and budget.
  • Your Work Plan should be consistent with the project plan provided to you by the preferred consultant(s).
  • Your Work Plan needs to be approved by the relevant OEH regional contact officer^, so you should consult with them in developing it. You will need to receive written advice from OEH advising your Work Plan has been approved before you award a contract for the project.
  • You will receive regular reminders of upcoming and overdue milestones from the OEH Grants Unit.
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Regularly liaise with your OEH regional contact officer^ regarding the project

 How to claim a grant payment

  • When a milestone (from the Work Plan) has been completed, you must submit a Milestone Report* and corresponding Expenditure Certificate* to claim a payment.
  • Your payment will be based on actual milestone expenditure and the approved funding level.
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 Changes to your Work Plan, project delays, or grant variations

  • If you need to change your Work Plan* (including total cost), or if a milestone will be delayed by more than two months, you must submit a revised Work Plan* for approval prior to the expected milestone due date.
  • If you require an extension to the funding term (as noted in the Funding Agreement) you must also submit a Request to vary grant* form, outlining the reason for the delay and project progress to date.
  • If you need to vary the grant amount or scale/scope of the project (to that outlined in the grant application or approved Work Plan), you must submit a Request to vary grant* form with supporting justification.
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Acknowledging government funding

  • You are required to acknowledge government contributions in any public statement or written material in relation to the project (including signage) and invite government representatives to public events – refer to section 10 and clause 17.15 of the Funding Agreement for specific details surrounding your obligations.
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 Submitting your final report

  • You must submit your Final Report* within two months of project completion.
  • Your Final Report outlines the overall achievements of the project, confirms all required data has been provided and includes financial acquittal certified by the General Manager or the Chief Financial Officer.
  • Your Final Report enables OEH to report to government on the outcomes being achieved by the program.
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  • You will be notified of the project acquittal outcome once the Final Report has been assessed by OEH.

^ If you are unsure who your OEH contact is, email us at

* Submit documents electronically to the OEH Grants Unit at

Further information is available at Coastal Grants or Estuary Grants

Page last updated: 19 October 2017