The threatened species listing process

Almost 1000 species are threatened in New South Wales, including:

  • almost 40 animal species and over 30 plant species that are presumed extinct
  • around 20 animal species and 50 plants considered as critically endangered
  • over 100 animal species and almost 400 plant species that are considered endangered
  • over 165 animal species and almost 230 plant species that are considered vulnerable.

Additionally, there are over 100 ecological communities, almost 50 populations, almost 10 fungi and 2 algae also listed as threatened in NSW.

These species are listed on the schedules of the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995. The schedules are maintained by an independent Scientific Committee. Anyone can make a nomination to the Scientific Committee to add, remove or change the status of a species. The Scientific Committee will make a decision on this nomination, and may alter the threatened species list.

About the NSW Scientific Committee
See what organisations are represented on the committee, and read about its main functions. Download some of the committee's publications.

How species are listed as threatened
See how the nomination process works, and find out who to contact for a nomination form.

Levels of threat
Endangered, vulnerable, presumed extinct - what do these categories mean? Find out here.

Schedules of the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995
Download or search the complete list of threatened species, populations and ecological communities, plus all key threatening processes, listed under the Act.

Page last updated: 12 March 2015