The Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife

The Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife is an independent charity, helping to support the work of the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The foundation helps the service preserve our landscapes, wildlife and cultural heritage by funding conservation projects that are beyond the reach of public resources.

You can support your parks and protect the wildlife and cultural heritage within them by helping the foundation build on its successes, including:

  • purchase of over 350,000 hectares of habitat and places of natural beauty for 22 national parks
  • threatened species recovery and research for more than 41 species of birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians and plants, many of which were saved from extinction
  • cultural heritage conservation for more than 10 Aboriginal and European historical sites, including Fort Denison and Hill End 
  • education and awareness raising for schools and the wider community 
  • walking tracks, viewing platforms, interpretive signage and disabled access in many national parks.

You can show your appreciation for some of the wonderful experiences that you have enjoyed in national parks with a contribution to the foundation's work through a donation of property, money or time, sponsorship or a bequest. Some donations are tax deductible. 

More information

Visit the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife website.

Find out more about the foundation and how you can help.

Donating or bequeathing your land

You can give land suitable for nature conservation to the foundation. Tax deductions and other exemptions may be available.