Solar photovoltaic checklist

Agencies can use this checklist to assess a site's suitability for solar photovoltaic (PV) installation.

Agencies need to complete the checklist for each site using more than 45 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity a year.

It is based on measure E5 in the Government Resources Efficiency Policy (GREP) and contains two steps:

  1. This assesses whether the site meets the basic criteria for a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) under GREP. If the site meets this criteria you will be directed to Step 2.
  2. This has eight questions. A more refined list of sites suitable for solar PPA will be available if agencies complete Step 2. This will result in agencies only receiving offers from the market for suitable sites.

To use the checklist, you will need the site’s National Meter Identifier (NMI). It's included on the list of sites we sent to each agency in October 2014.

Solar assessment checklist

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Page last updated: 09 September 2016