Pollution clean up

Pollution clean-up programs provide funds for local councils and other public land managers to manage emergency pollution incidents where the polluter cannot be identified, or where there is uncertainty about the prospect of the responsible party paying clean-up costs. 

The Trust has been funding and managing emergency pollution clean-up programs for many years. However, in 2018, the Trust transferred responsibility for the management of these programs to the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).
The EPA is now administering all functions and budget allocations of these programs. The Trust has allocated $500,000 per annum to the EPA until 2021-22 for their delivery of the Emergency Pollution Clean-Up Program. The EPA will retain all unspent funds from this allocation, to a maximum of $2 million, for a rolling fund to support the management of large scale emergency pollution incidents.

Information on the EPA’s emergency pollution clean-up programs can be found here.

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Page last updated: 24 August 2018