Pollution clean up

Delays sometimes occur in cleaning up serious pollution because, at the time of an incident, a responsible party cannot be identified. Delays at this stage can contribute to significant environmental harm.

To avoid these situations, the Environmental Trust, may contribute funds towards the costs of measures to remove, disperse or mitigate serious pollution when those measures need to be taken immediately.

In certain circumstances the Trust funds may also be used by authorised officers for the management of orphan waste material incidents. However, in all cases of hazardous materials incidents, the party responsible for causing the incident and/or the owner of the material will be responsible for all costs in relation to the clean-up and disposal.

If you feel that the use of Environmental Trust funds may be appropriate under the circumstances of the incident you are dealing with, please refer to the appropriate program guidelines below.

EPCUP   Emergency pollution clean up program

IDACUP  Illegally dumped asbestos clean up program


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Page last updated: 29 November 2013