Environmental Trust

The NSW Environmental Trust is an independent statutory body established by the NSW government to fund a broad range of organisations to undertake projects that enhance the environment of New South Wales. The Trust is empowered under the Environmental Trust Act 1998, and its main responsibility is to make and supervise the expenditure of grants. The Trust is administered by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH).

The Environmental Trust is chaired by the NSW Minister for the Environment. Members of the Trust are the Chief Executive of OEH, and representatives from local government, the Nature Conservation Council of NSW and NSW Treasury.


The objectives of the NSW Environmental Trust are:

  • encourage and support restoration and rehabilitation projects in both the public and private sectors that will, or are likely to, prevent or reduce pollution, the waste stream or environmental degradation, of any kind, within any part of NSW
  • promote research in both the public and private sectors into environmental problems of any kind and, in particular, to encourage and support:
    • research into and development of local solutions to environmental problems
    • discovery of new methods of operation for NSW industries that are less harmful to the environment
    • research into general environmental problems
    • assessment of environmental degradation
  • promote environmental education and, in particular, to encourage the development of educational programs in both the public and private sectors that will increase public awareness of environmental issues of any kind
  • fund the acquisition of land for national parks and other categories of dedicated and reserved land for the national parks estate
  • fund the declaration of areas for marine parks and related purposes
  • promote waste avoidance, resource recovery and waste management (including funding enforcement and regulation, and local government programs)
  • fund environmental community groups
  • fund the purchase of water entitlements for the purposes of increasing environmental flows for the state's rivers and restoring or rehabilitating major wetlands.

The Environmental Trust also reimburses NSW Treasury for approved forestry restructuring payments under the Forestry Restructuring and Nature Conservation Act 1995.

Funding announcements

Details of grants awarded are available on each program page. Please refer to the summary below for the list of programs, their current status and amounts being offered.

Summary of Environmental Trust grant programs

Program Opening date Closing date Funding available Anticipated announcement date Next round opening
Eco Schools Closed Closed $280,000 November 2018 April 2019
Closed Closed TBA
May 2019
Closed Closed TBA   May 2019
Lead Environmental Community Groups Closed Closed $600,000   TBA
Protecting Our Places Closed Closed $600,000 February 2019 August 2019
Research 4 February 2019 3pm 11 March 2019 $1 million October 2019 Open now
Restoration and Rehabilitation
Closed Closed $2 million June/July 2019 August 2019
Restoration and Rehabilitation
Closed Closed $2 million June/July 2019 August 2019
Saving Our Species Contestable Grants Program Closed Closed $9 million
February 2019
No future rounds planned
Saving our Species Partnership Grants Program Closed Closed $10 million
No future rounds planned
Waste Less, Recycle More Initiative See specific program See specific program See specific program See specific program See specific program

For further information on any of these programs, select the relevant link above. For information on the application process, go to the grant assessment process. Details of grants awarded in previous years can be found on the relevant grants program page.

Contact us

For further information, please contact the Environmental Trust:

Phone:  02 8837 6093
Email: info@environmentaltrust.nsw.gov.au


Dissemination program

This program provides funding each year to a number of high achieving, completed projects to extend the learnings and benefits more widely across NSW.

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Page last updated: 04 February 2019