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Guidelines - viewing and downloading

  • All Environmental Trust guidelines are available as PDF, which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • To print the guidelines, click on the print icon Print icon in the Acrobat Reader. DO NOT use the print command in your web browser.
  • To save the guidelines to your local disk, click on the save icon  Save icon  in your web browser.

Application forms

Downloading (please read in full before attempting to download)

Click on the Download link to the application form on the relevant grants page. You may follow the links from the Environmental Trust information page or via the toolbar located on the left hand side of your screen. The Download link will probably open the document in your Internet Browser. (If you receive a dialogue screen asking you for authentication information, click cancel and proceed with the download). We suggest you do a "Save As" to disk or your PC. Close your INternet Browser and open your saved document in MS Word.

Filling out the application form

The version you are about to download has been saved as Word 2003. 

The documents you are completing are "locked" and not able to be re-formatted in any way. This is so that each of the hundreds of applications the Trust receives is kept to the same reasonable length. This gives all applicants equal opportunity to present their project in equivalent detail and facilitates consistent assessment by the technical committees.

Please write in full sentences across the text box. It is most important that you adhere to the current number of pages as it may cause you unnecessary delay in re-working your application form.

To move between fields, simply press the Tab key. You may delete any instructional text that is displayed in the text box. If there is no text in the response field, simply insert your cursor and type your response.

This year's forms


Highlighting and selecting text in a text boxUse Shift plus arrow keys to select text.  Do not drag to highlight: dragging only allows you to select text from the curser insertion point to the beginning or to the end of the text box.
Deleting text from a text box To delete text, place the cursor to the right of the unwanted text and backspace as required.
PastingYou can paste text from another source (another Word document or text box within the application form) as long as you don't exceed the total number of characters for the text box you are in. (You may need to delete some text to make room before you paste)
Spell CheckingThe spell check facility will not work in these forms. If you wish to spell check your application, you can type all of your responses into a separate Word document. You can then spell check your text and 'cut and paste' your answers into the appropriate text box.

Financial information

The version you are about to download has been saved as Excel 2003.

Open the Excel document and save it to your PC. You can type directly into the document, which is preferred, or print it out and complete by hand. If you choose to complete by hand, you must ensure that your calculations are correct.

  • Insert name of your organisation on the first line (in cell B1).
  • Enter your text and figures in the relevant cells. The spreadsheet will calculate the totals for you in the yellow column.
  • You must manually enter the breakdown of column G, Whole Project Budget (yellow) into column F, Other sources of funding (green) and column E, Trust funding (purple).
  • If you get an error message that reads "The cell or chart you are trying to change is protected and therefore read-only", you are attempting to enter information into a protected cell. This includes cells with instructional information, headings, section totals, etc.
  • Note that there is one worksheet with three sections in this Excel spreadsheet. You must complete all three sections. 
    - C-1 Summary of Project Budget
    - C-2 Other Sources of Project Income
    - C-3 Detailed Grant Expenditure Breakdown

You can find further assistance in the Guidelines for Applicants specific to the grants program you are applying to. If you have any problems contact the Trust's staff on (02) 8837 6093.

Page last updated: 03 May 2012