Environmental Restoration and Rehabilitation Grants

The Restoration and Rehabilitation grants program is currently closed to applications.


To assist in the ongoing sustainable management and stewardship of significant environmental assets and services in NSW.


Individual grants of up to $100,000 with a total of $2,000,000 for community organisations and $2,000,000 for government entities. 

Who can apply

Community groups and organisations, incorporated associations, non-profit organisations, non-commercial cooperatives, Trusts and government entities.


The planning and reporting templates for Restoration and Rehabilitation grantees are provided below. Grantees should refer to their Grant Agreement for documents and evidence to be submitted in addition to the documents below.

Monitoring and Evaluation Plan   Maps out how you will carry out your project.
Project Measures Captures projected and achieved quantitative output data for your Restoration and Rehabilitation project.
Progress and Final Report form Communicates your project’s progress (usually annually), and final achievements on project completion.
Financial reporting A financial report is required with each progress and final report, and for budget variation requests.


In line with the Trust’s policy of independent evaluations of all its contestable grant programs, the Restoration and Rehabilitation (R&R) program was the focus of an independent evaluation completed in June 2017.

The evaluation was undertaken by Natural Resources Commission who have extensive experience in evaluating government initiatives across a variety of sectors. The evaluation focussed on the delivery of the program, and projects funded by it, between 2010 and 2015.

The evaluation Final Report (and its recommendations) was considered and accepted by the Trust in November 2017. An Administrative Response was also developed to address the issues raised in the evaluation. The Evaluation Report concluded that overall the R&R program is well-run, however, suggested a range of recommendations relating to:

  • program design
  • governance and administration
  • application process and selection of projects
  • communication
  • monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

These reports have been made available through the links below.

Page last updated: 12 September 2018