Urban Sustainability Program

Aim of the program

The Urban Sustainability Program aimed to facilitate projects of significant environmental benefit to NSW, delivered by local government organisations in partnership with other government agencies, local businesses, community organisations and householders. Through these projects, the Program also aimed to improve the capacity of communities and organisations to protect, restore and enhance the sustainability of our urban environment.


The objectives of the Program were to:

  • improve urban water management with particular focus on stormwater and urban runoff to achieve sustainable water quality and conservation outcomes
  • improve resource conservation through effective waste management, avoidance, reuse, recycling and support for sustainable products and services
  • improve and protect urban bushland and creeks, urban wildlife and habitats of rare and endangered flora and fauna
  • improve the quality of the local urban environment, through integrated approaches that address a combination of the following examples: air quality, noise, odour, chemical use, biodiversity, litter and dumping
  • improve the sustainability performance of local councils, small businesses and community organisations and householders in urban areas.

Program achievements

The Urban Sustainability Program commenced in 2006, and has now finished. Through four funding rounds, a total of $80 million was allocated to 115 projects which were developed and are currently being implemented by NSW councils and local government organisations. While a proportion of projects will be continuing through to late 2012, the majority have been finalised.

Significant achievements have been made though the projects, covering all areas of environmental sustainability.  Summaries of these achievements can be found on this site.  Click through the funding rounds included on the side navigation bar on the left of this page to read about local and regional advances in urban sustainability.


For further information, please contact the Environmental Trust on (02) 8837 6019.

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Page last updated: 13 February 2015