Culture and heritage


NSW Government Heritage Policy 1996

In April 1996 the Minister for Urban Affairs and Planning, announced the New South Wales Government's heritage policy.

The key elements of this policy are:

  • Creating the Heritage Branch directly responsible to the Minister;
  • Basing membership of the Heritage Council on skills rather than representation of interest groups;
  • Focusing the Heritage Council on the protection of major items of State significance;
  • Developing a comprehensive inventory of the State's heritage items to be completed within a year;
  • Developing a model local environmental plan for local councils to use in protecting heritage items in their area;
  • Establishing a new $30M heritage fund to restore and conserve the State's heritage;
  • Introducing enforceable wilful negligence provisions where owners of heritage properties allow deliberate damage to occur;
Other elements of the policy:
  • Facilitating and fast tracking the preparation of registers of heritage assets owned and managed by State government agencies;
  • Improving partnerships with the corporate sector and increasing promotion of heritage;
  • Increasing access to heritage information through State government agencies;
  • Publicising completed Heritage Assistance Program funded projects;
  • Widening the focus of the Heritage Council to include more appropriate consideration of Aboriginal, movable and natural heritage as well as other cultural heritage.


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