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Managing local government heritage grants

The NSW Heritage Grants Program provides funding to councils to assist with the management of heritage items in their local government area. This page links to documents to help local councils administer this funding.

Project guidelines

Project documents and templates

Local heritage places project management

How to establish a local heritage fund (PDF 142KB) is a guideline to assist councils and the following templates have been developed for use with this guideline:

Local government heritage advisors project management

How to establish a heritage advisor service (143KB) will assist councils in establishing and running a heritage advisory service.

As a condition of heritage advisor funding, councils must prepare or update a heritage strategy to guide heritage management in their area. Recommendations for local government on heritage management (PDF 163KB) will assist councils to prepare their heritage strategy for 2014-17.

A selection of 2011-14 heritage strategies prepared for regional NSW councils are:

Local government heritage strategy annual report

Councils must prepare an annual report on the implementation of their heritage strategy, using the updated template, at the end of each financial year.

The Heritage Branch has prepared summary heritage strategy annual reports for the following years from data collated from local councils participating in the heritage advisor program:

Local government heritage planning studies

The following documents and templates will assist councils to prepare heritage planning studies and make their grant claims:

Examples of good heritage development control plan studies:

Note: This information is provided for projects that have been approved for funding and have received and accepted a funding contract.

Further assistance or enquiries

Please contact the NSW Heritage Grants team: 02 9873 8577


Page last updated: 25 October 2017