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Reworking details of the kangaroo

The thighs and tail of the kangaroo supporter are here being reworked to achieve a form that better reflects the anatomical structure of this part of the animal.

Anatomical accuracy is not always the main objective in heraldic representations (especially of mythical beasts!), and a heraldic artist strives to ensure that the identity of the animal is clear to the viewer, and to express its quiddity, or that essence which makes it what it is, in this case its 'kangarooness' (Innes of Learney, 45).

This is not always a simple task when depicting an animal that has several closely related species of similar proportions. However, as the kangaroo is described in the blazon as being gold coloured, a heraldic artist could assume that this heraldic kangaroo has some mythical qualities and therefore has some scope for imaginative interpretation in depicting the kangaroo.

Image source: Ian Mitchell, Phoenix Foundry

Page last updated: 01 September 2012