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NSW Coat of Arms, Lang Centre

132 Marsden Street, Parramatta, 1986

The Lang Centre was designed by the NSW Government Architect's Office and built by the NSW Department of Public Works. It was opened on the 16th July 1986 by then premier Barrie Unsworth. The building was named the Lang Centre in honour of Jack Lang, several-times State Treasurer, and Premier of NSW between 1926 - 1927, and again 1930 - 1932 when he was famously sacked by the Governor of NSW, Sir Phillip Game. The Lang Centre is now in private ownership, and tenanted by the Office of State Revenue. The OSR is one of two offices which comprise the NSW Treasury, and administers State taxation, collects revenue, outstanding fines and penalties, develops policy and implements legislation relating to State taxation.

The maker of the Arms is not known, and the material is some type of metal with a white-coloured coating attached to a metal framework.

Source: Bruce Baskerville, Heritage Branch, 29th September 2006.


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