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NSW Coat of Arms, 1907

As published in Government Gazette 1907

When published in the Government Gazette this representation provided the people of NSW (or at least those who read the Gazette) with their first picture of the officially adopted version of their new Coat of Arms.

The illustration shown above was part of the publication of a certified copy of the Royal Warrant that granted the Coat of Arms to the State of New South Wales. The petra sancta system of hatchings has been used to show the proper colours for each element in the Arms: dots for gold (Or), horizontal lines for blue (Azure), vertical lines for red (Gules) and unhatched for white or silver (Argent).

The Royal Warrant can be thought of as the 'birth certificate' of the Coat of Arms, and its publication as the public announcement of the birth. Publication in the Government Gazette gives the notice an official imprimatur that would be widely known and accepted across the State.

Some questions to research:

  1. Compare this image with that published in the Sydney Morning Herald in 1906 - what are the main differences?
  2. How important is an official publication such as a Government Gazette in disseminating information about official symbols and emblems?
Image source: 'Royal Warrant Granting Armorial Ensigns and Supporters for the State of NSW', Government Gazette, Supplement, Sydney 22 February 1907: 1345-1346


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